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Aubrey Jones also called Quest Personals, another popular party line. We tell parents to put computers in a common room of the house, but with phones, it's harder to police. Ronald Michael Hill pleaded guilty to killing year-old Ingrid Smith in Marchabout two months after meeting the Arlington teenager through Quest Personals, according to published reports. Who is responsible? He came, stayed a while, and snuck out the door before her parents could find out. She got the from a friend at school and dialed from a small guest house next door to her own.

How can we stop it? The company attempts to keep minors off the chat lines, Householder said. There's no returning what has been taken from her daughter, and no filling what's gone in her. And there's always someone else waiting on the line. You don't have an address to go to.

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Soon, she was chatting in private with an older man. These questions are hard to answer. A call to Quest Personals' chat line Friday prompted the caller to choose from four of chat seekers: people looking for "love and steady relationships," "casual dates and get-togethers," "the wild side" and "couples and swingers. Court transcripts acquired by the Sun from a March murder trial in Fort Worth, Texas, however, closely detail how Quest Personals operates telephone chat lines.

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Christiana Hammonds said she was getting a ride to school. There's nothing that's monitored. What they don't know is how to keep it from happening again. Aubrey's parents now know what happened to their daughter. The three runaway year-olds shared a common vice: They called telephone chat lines, and met older men over the phone.

But there is no way of monitoring what he talked about with Ingrid Smith. Aubrey's father was sitting right behind him.

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The question of what transpired between the two, this older man and this year-old girl, was eventually answered in a Clark County courtroom. She's a "frequent flier. She invited him over. Aubrey's chat-line connection pleaded guilty to rape. Aubrey Jones was 12 years old when she first called a chat line, the Ultimate Party Line.

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How do telephone chat lines even work? While the teen girls were dialing chat lines advertised as costing no more than a local call, it seems reasonable to p there's a profit in telephone chat, somewhere, for someone. You can't call the company and say, 'Who was on this chat line? Parents are warned again and again of the Internet's ills, but there's little discussion about the dangers of telephone chat lines. I'm just being perfectly honest. Quest Personals declined to speak with the Sun unless an agreement was ed giving the company rights to read any resulting article before it went to press.

At certain times during the day, men are given two minutes of chat time for the price of one - this is called "happy hour.

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She has jumped out of second-story windows to escape grounding. Some kind of anonymous chat service, be it over phone or Internet, factors into about half the cases that come before her bureau. The driver brought her back to his house instead. These stories read like variations on the same sick theme: chat line encounters that end in assault, rape, murder.

And these girls are running to it," Wendy Jones said.

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Off to meet new boyfriends, though hardly boys. The Sun declined.

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Aubrey Jones ran away for the 10th time last month, but she has since come home. Between and children are reported missing in Las Vegas every month, she says. In the course of the jury trial, lawyers questioned Richard Householder, a senior risk-management coordinator for First Media Group Inc. For the court, Householder explained that females call Quest for free, while males must pay for the service through credit cards, checks or wire transfers or by dialing awhich is billed directly to a telephone.

Aubrey Jones has run away 10 times in two years. The conversations are not recorded, and the company tracks only its male users, "because they are paying to use the service," Householder said. Jessica's and Christiana's mothers ask themselves the same questions. Their chronic runaway child continued to call the chat lines, continued to meet older men. Across the country, there have been numerous documented incidences of teenagers meeting adult predators through telephone chat lines, or "party lines," as they're sometimes called.

Her mother, Wendy, is relieved but world-weary. To keep your kid off the phone seems almost impossible, too, particularly when they're prone to sliding out the side door when staying at home isn't as appealing as sneaking out. He later pleaded guilty to molestation. A call to Quest Personals on Friday offered the dialer brief profiles to more than prospective chatters in Las Vegas - just strangers looking to talk.

Most are runaways.

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Before any buttons are pressed, however, the caller is warned, "We don't prescreen our callers and assume no liability when you meet someone through this service. Multiple attempts by the Sun to contact representatives from the Ultimate Party Line were unsuccessful. Stephanie Parker, executive director of Nevad Seekers, a Las Vegas nonprofit agency dedicated to locating missing, abducted and runaway children, recalls five children who went missing last year after meeting an adult through chat lines.

Metro's Lesney also has to throw her hands in the air. What seems harmless - telephone chat lines as tete-a-tetes for strangers and conference calls for the anonymous - can become the low-tech version of that familiar cyber threat: pedophiles or predators manipulating blind chat mediums to woo younger victims. By the time their families found out, the girls had long since let front doors slam behind them. But nobody, not local law enforcement, not missing children advocates, not state telecommunications experts, not phone company spokesmen, could explain how the chat lines work, and where the money is.