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Meet Atlanta Rican Woman

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We know that domestic workers are a political force. Brown is a veteran political organizer who he the Black Voters Matter Fund, which focuses on building Black political power.

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The organization has about canvassers on the ground who have knocked on overdoors for these races. Skip ! The delayed Tokyo Olympic Games finally kicked off on Friday with the traditionally over-the-top opening ceremony.

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And someGeorgians cast votes on December 14, the first day of in-person early voting, more than on the first day of early voting in the presidential election. Update: On January 5, Democrats Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff were elected to the Senate, effectively flipping it blue.

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We fight to provide interpreters for people, but have been accused of being partisan for doing so. Nse Ufot.

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If both Warnock and Ossoff win, Democrats would have an even split with Republicans in the Senate; since Vice President Kamala Harris would be the deciding vote in any Senate tie-breakers, this would effectively give Democrats a majority, making it easier for President Joe Biden to push through his agenda without obstruction.

Story from News. Turnout has already been promisingly high in the runoffs as well: So far, over 2. Esther Lim. Around 30, new Asian-American voters in Georgia voted in the presidential election for the first time, representing a big jump in the vote.


We also offer mutual aid in the form of grocery kits, and we hand out a bajillion bottles of hand sanitizer with all of the voting information on them — super-useful. Then, inStacey Abrams came close to becoming governor, and many say she would have won if now-Gov.

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We have been going around the state distributing groceries to thousands of families. The group has been working on voter registration, education, and mobilization in 50 counties, canvassing and also holding caravan and outdoor drive-in events in rural Black communities in Georgia. Political director, Mijente. Also, the right is in disarray. Care In Action is focusing on mobilizing domestic workers, many of them women of color, reaching out to over 4 million women in Georgia to make sure they have accurate information on where, when, and how to vote in the runoffs.

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Two pivotal runoff elections — probably the most highly publicized and well-funded runoffs in modern history — will be held next week on January 5, with Democrats Rev. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, respectively. A major United Nations UN scientific report has concluded what any sentient being has long known to be true: Global warming is not only real, it is getti.

Republicans, including the campaigns of Perdue and Loeffler, have already filed three separate lawsuits looking to restrict absentee voting ahead of the election, targeting drop boxes and seeking to strengthen ature requirements. In our estimation that starts with registering people to vote and doing some deep, innovative voter education. The reason there is so much attention on them is because these elections will decide the balance of the U.

Senate — and greatly influence the future of the country.

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Medaling for Brazi. Now T A couple whose gender reveal party started a wildfire in Southern California in is now facing manslaughter charges, after the leader of an elite firef. Her organization is nonpartisan, and mainly works to provide accurate voting information to non-English-speaking households. Democrats had a couple of almost-wins thwarted in recent years: Inthey pinned their hopes on Ossoff to win a House seat in a suburban district of Atlanta, in a much-hyped election that ended up being the most expensive in history, but he lost the runoff to Karen Handel.

Tania Unzueta Carrasco.

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Many of them are in Gwinnett and Cobb counties, which both went blue inand remained blue in the presidential election. Lim hopes to build on that in the runoff elections, and long-term.

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LaTosha Brown. And, there have already been s of voter disenfranchisement targeting people of color, namely: counties with high Black and Latinx populations are closing polling sites, Georgia voting rights groups are suing several counties for preventing early voting, and voters are being purged from the rolls.

“georgia is the future”: meet the women who flipped the senate blue

We do everything in like eight different languages. She cites the lack of access to non-English-language information as a massive barrier to voters. Language justice is such a huge thing, and a lot of the electoral information is only available in English. These close races led up towhen, for the first time sinceGeorgia swung blue in the presidential election.

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The fact that this long-standing red state has become such a battleground has surprised many people, but blue energy has been percolating through Georgia long before these runoffs, and even before the election. They represent an important part of the Democratic base, mainly women of color and immigrants. Co-founder, Black Voters Matter Fund.

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Usually, s for Latinos in runoffs are really low. More and more people are moving to Georgia every day, more and more people are turning 18 every day, becoming U. And how do people learn about their power?

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