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Looking For A Vancouver WA Lost Friend

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We strive to help cats in the Vancouver-Portland Metropolitan and surrounding area receive the medical services and companionship they need. Furry Friends is a volunteer run organization. Furry Friends is funded by both individual and corporate donations; and as a c 3non-profit, donations are tax deductible.

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Found a pet? Ask family, friends, and neighbors to help you search for your pet as soon as you realize your pet is missing. If permitted, post your flyers at businesses in your area.

Provide a color photograph and description of your lost cat. Jump to Found Pets here.

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Put s around the neighborhood or area where your pet was last seen. Walk, bike, drive, or jog through your neighborhood every day and more than once to look for your missing pet. See the Project. For other counties in the Portland metro area, see the list above. OHS is only able to accept owner-relinquished animals, per county regulations. If your county jurisdiction does not have facilities for stray cats, contact OHS for additional resources atext.

Lost & found pets

Visit those agencies depending on where your pet was last seen. Clark County Animal Services ». These links are provided as a resource only. More tips and resources below. In your flyers andoffer a reward, if possible. Visit their website or shelter every day to check for your cat.

This protects you from pet-recovery scams and is a sure way of verifying that someone definitely found your beloved pet. Include a photo and description of your pet, your phoneand when your pet disappeared. Clackamas County Dog Services ». In all cases of stray or missing pets, whether dogs, cats, or small pets such as rabbits, the first place to check is your local county animal services agency.

Furry friends, founded in , is a vancouver, wa, (c)(3) non-profit, no-kill cat rescue and adoption organization.

us in creating the New Road Ahead. Make sure you have voic set up to take any messages.

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At the county shelter, provide a color photograph and description of your lost pet. Should you find a stray or lost pet, please contact your local animal services agency in order to give the pet the best chance of being reunited with its owner. Lost cats will remain hidden and quiet.

All stray or found pets must first go to local county animal services. More tips below.

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Multnomah County Animal Services ». View our list of cats found in Clackamas County who are currently in our care.

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Washington County Animal Services ». Be sure to check around your yard and under your deck. Lost cats tend to remain hidden and very quiet and a lot of times right around the house.

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For a lost indoor-only or timid cat, think like a cat and look at every hiding spot possible in your yard and your close neighbors. Search your house and yard immediately.

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