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Remember the ladies: marking the places where huntsville women made history

Did you know? Did you know??? From Huntsville Weekly Democrat, January Now, the City Center Garage is on this corner. Within two months,Alabama women registered, including 1, from Madison County, of whom six were Black. Fewer than Black women qualified to register in Alabama.

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More Alabama women registered to vote in than any other southern state. HESA reconvened and members faced an immediate challenge finding a regular meeting place. They wanted better schools, health and sanitation reforms, and workplace reforms to keep children from textile mills and coal mines.

After the ratification of the 19th amendment in AugustAlabama officials began registering qualified women to vote for the upcoming presidential election.

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They supported the public library and funded literacy campaigns. These markers will ensure that the stories of the leaders of the Huntsville Equal Suffrage Association HESA and the six Black Madison County women who successfully registered to vote in are permanently inscribed in the Huntsville landscape.

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Six won, including Huntsville resident Alice Boarman Baldridge who won a seat on the Madison County School board—four years before women had the right to vote. They believed politics was the domain of men, and that women had privileged status as wives and mothers and should not involve themselves in political matters.


Elementary School. They founded the City Infirmary, the forerunner of Huntsville Hospital.

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The following year, ten Alabama women announced their candidacy. Coordinated lobbying by suffragists led Alabama lawmakers to pass a bill in allowing women to run for county school board seats.

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Alice Baldridge with her daughter, Vera. Inthe Alabama Legislature passed laws that allowed women to will their estate to whomever they wished and have a bank in their own name.

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The white women who led HESA were philanthropic and worked for the betterment of their community. The Legislature also raised the age of consent for women, or girls, from 10 to 14 years of age, a bill they had refused to approve in sessions.

Huntsville is strong enough to tell the difficult chapters of our history with honesty and empathy, so we can celebrate the progress we have made together. The house was demolished in the s.

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Their prejudice, however, blinded them to the injustices caused by racial inequality.