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Nearly 21, farms operate in West Virginia, averaging acres per farm.

Huntington WV And Ranchers Dating

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These lesson plans cover basics of seasonal planning, business management, crop management, marketing, and production problem solving. Unlimited Future staff will lead the course and engage special topics speakers to discuss liability, insurance, ing systems and taxes, niche marketing, food safety planning, and farm specific resources i.

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This challenge is being addressed through the WV Incubator Farm Network, which is developing a series of lesson plans to help new farmer incubation programs get started. Refresh Appalachia seeks to build fiscally sound farm practices into the business plans and operations of beginning farmers and ranchers in West Virginia, Mid-Ohio Valley, and Eastern Kentucky, with a targeted focus on Lincoln, Mingo, and Wayne Counties in WV, in order to ensure food security and community development. Project Director Kemp, L. Non Technical Summary The Long-Term Goal of this project is to establish a sustainable training and development program to increase the success of beginning farmers and ranchers in the state of West Virginia, the Mid-Ohio Valley Region, and Eastern Kentucky.

Participants gathered over two days to construct a tunnel at the Wayne County Site. The project team has been able to achieve more on the short term outcomes, which we hope is eveidence of our abiltiy to perform over a longer period as well.

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WealthWorks has been continuously developed and tested since The approach uses both qualitative and quantitative data to evaluate the eight capital inputs entrepreneurs need to be successful. Wild Ramp and Unlimited Future, Inc have expertise in operating a year-round marketplace for farmers and providing training to grow new farm businesses.

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These inputs include: individual, intellectual, social, built, natural, financial, political, and cultural. Savanna also brings a vast amount of knowledge about the financial viability of food hub models, especially in rural areas. Therefore production capacity was also limited by the time crews had to split between establishing sites and growing crops. EvaluationThe management team will utilize the WealthWorks model to develop project metrics for scope of work. Presentation: Financial management and whole farm planning introductionDiscussion: Who is your target customer?

Farm Business StructuresDetermine the most appropriate business structure for your enterprise? The course will begin with a needs assessment of eight capital resources: Individual, Social, Financial, Natural, Built, Political, Cultural, and Intellectual. How do you get there?

Nothing Reported What do you plan to do during the next reporting period to accomplish the goals? The evaluation occurs through post-training surveys, business growth and health surveys and informal interviews with clients.

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Unlimited Future has worked with the Central Appalachian Network to adapt this model to evaluate food programs. One year timeline: The 12 month timeline made it very difficult to start a new program, compelete all activities and produce the outcomes that this grant is deed to fund. Tri-State Farm and Food Conference: Attended by 20 farmers, 14 BFRs this day long conference increased understanding on online marketing, Production and Marketing plans, year-round marketing with high tunnels, and insurance and risk management strategies.

The Food Hub Manager will maintain relationships with buyers and work with the growers group to meet needs. Unlimited Future Staff will utilize worksheets, check lists and links for further research to reinforce course topics. Season Extension 2 Microgreens 2 Mushroom Culitvation 1 Production Management: Pests, weeds, and processes on the farm 2 CoursesThe Farm Business Management Course is deed to enhance beginning farmers and ranchers understanding of financial and resource management strategies.

Unlimited Future will utilize the Wealthworks evaluation matrix to assess the progress of participants individually and as a whole. The rush has to meet the last week to plant a crop within the constraints of the growing season left crew members less time to understand what they were doing and learning.

These sites have mainly produced eggs, summer squash, corn, tomatoes, and pepper varieties.

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Container Gardening: May 14th, Refresh Appalachia Crew Chief hosted a gardening workshop to build interest in growing food on a small scale for twelve food insecure families in Mingo County. The project will enhance the sustainability of economically disadvantaged beginning farmers and help them grow sales in their new farming enterprise.

Presentation: s, permits and registrationSpecial Topics Speaker: Liability and Legal Risk Special Topics Speaker: Farm InsuranceFarm Records and ManagementFinancial records and ing systems Key terms: Income records, expense records, assets, liabilities,Special Topics Speaker: ing SystemsEnterprise and whole farm budgetingCash FlowFinancial Decision Making -Key terms: income statement, balance sheet, profit and loss, federal and state taxes, invoicing, receipts, credit, debt, etc.

Impacts What was accomplished under these goals? What resources do you have to reach them? Project Methods WorkshopThe following workshops will be coordinatetd by The Wild Ramp and Unlimited Future and presented by extension agents and experienced farm operators. This workshop was repeated in Lincoln County were two additional tunnels were built in three days, approx.

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The program will continue to expand to 40 trainees and will graduate 20 trainees by the end of Employees Breakdown Wayne: 4 crew members; 1 crew chief Lincoln: 4 crew members; 1 crew chief Mingo: 4 crew members; 1 crew chief Food Hub Manager Program Director Additional outcomes Food Hub Launch In July, program staff began sourcing product from over 10 producers, including 2 high schools. This site has produced winter leafy greens, onion sets, tomatoes, and pepper varieties.

Business management and marketing enhancement Wholesale Success: Post harvest handling and volume marketing for specialty crop growers. The participants will learn how to leverage capital resources to mitigate on-farm risk, while building a whole farm plan. The goal for trainees after completing this 2. This site has produced flower and food plant starters, winter greens, tomato and pepper varieties, and rotational grazing chickens. Growing Mushrooms: participants inoculated logs with shitake spores, learned about the production cycle, and left with their own test log.

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Research Effort Basic. Coalfield Development has expertise in on-the-job training and mentorship. High Tunnel Construction: An experienced farmer, shared his methods for building affordable high tunnels for small farms, with most of the materials available from a local hardware store. Products are distributed in a cool-bot trailer borrowed to more than 15 different buyers including restaurants, schools, retail outlets, direct to consumer, mobile food market for low-income communities.

Nothing Reported How have the been disseminated to communities of interest? This project has been under development for over 2 years by a team of experienced organizations with complimenting skill-sets and invaluable community development experience and the means to meet the needs of the audience.

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What opportunities for training and professional development has the project provided? Refresh has also donated products to food banks and church food pantries when it could not be sold.

With a focus on entrepreneurship, this project will prepare BFRs with the knowledge and ability to succeed in profitable business opportunities on new or expanding farms. Refresh hopes that her expertise will help the food hub grow and create opportunities to partner with more farmers. Presentation: Whole Farm Plan and Enterprise Planning wrap-upEvaluation of capital resource changesThe Farm Business Management course will be multi-modal course that will combine in-person meetings, webinars, on-site workshops, and peer networking over a three month period.

We project the LFIs will attract over 50 beginning farmers and ranchers within the one year period of the grant. Cabell County: 15 Acres, 3 Acres in production of winter squash for wholesale markets is being cultivated and will be GAP certified. Wealth Works provides a bridge between community development and economic development, ing voice and agency with market-driven opportunity. Sponsoring Institution.

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Complimenting strengths of each partner organization are appropriately used to create an effective project. Indoor production of Microgreens. This continuous and demanding schedule made it more difficult to offer training for all the crew members. This was a one year project, we plan to apply for more funding to enhance the structured learning plans for individual crew members and create a trainee- to-ownership transition program.

Animal Health Component.

The LFIs will function as a social enterprise, generating revenue for program sustainability and serving as a hands-on training site for beginning farmers and ranchers over the long-term. Refresh Appalachia: Agricultural Entrepreneurship Development Program Refresh Appalachia will enhance the knowledge and skills of beginning farmers and ranchers, by creating a network of training sites called, Learning Farms Incubators LFIs which builds off of and makes use of existing programming and curriculum.

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Refresh Appalachia has deated a pickup spot for their products, which are taken to restaurants in Charleston and Huntington. The course covers the development of the business concept, identification of target market, development of product line and value added enterprise opportunities, marketing strategies for direct marketing, business financing and acquiring credit, financial records and analysis, incorporation, liability and food safety concepts, and managing employees.