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The victims were three Girl Scoutsbetween the ages of 8 and 10, who were raped and murdered.

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The Registry provides detailed information about every known exoneration in the United States since —cases in which a person was wrongly convicted of a crime and later cleared of all the charges based on new evidence of innocence. The Registry also maintains a more limited database of known exonerations prior to

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As she approached the area where the strange sounds had been heard during the night, Wilhite saw three sleeping bags lying beneath a tree: one yellow plaid, one green and the third had a floral de. A layout of Camp Scott. A nightmare without end for three families, the case remains open and has had more twists and turns than a game of Labyrinth.

When word got out that Hart was being charged in the Girl Scout killings, his friends and relatives, believing him to be innocent, closed ranks around him. Thinking someone might be hiding in the cave, the hunters contacted the Highway Patrol. Sperm was present, but Hart had undergone a vasectomy several years earlier and, theoretically, could not have produced sperm. After supper, they waited for the rain to slacken, but it continued as the long day drew to a close, so everyone retired to their respective quarters.

The cave was linked to the crime scene, and Hart was linked to the cave. In Septemberhe escaped again and was still at large when the Girl Scout murders occurred four years later. InHart confessed to kidnapping, raping and sodomizing two pregnant women in Tulsa. Masking tape was used to attach the plastic to the flashlight. Up until then, it seems Hart was happy and affectionate, but something changed; and he became bitter and depressed.

Guse and Farmer died from blunt force head trauma, and Milner was strangled after suffering a massive blow to the head. InHart was convicted of a series of home burglaries and sentenced to a maximum of years in the state penitentiary at McAlester. Stuffed inside the other two bags were the bodies of Michelle Guse and Lori Farmer.

Trying to shield them from certain trauma, the counselors improvised a scene of normalcy. The paper was identified as being from the April 17 edition of Tulsa World. Michelle was from Broken Bow, but she quickly became friends with Denise and Lori who were both from Tulsa. Three days after the murders, two squirrel hunters found a flour sack in front of a cave three miles southwest of Camp Scott.

A lot of memories can be made in two weeks. All three girls had been sexually assaulted. The savagery of the attack was evident in the wounds of the victims.

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The lens of the flashlight was covered with a piece of green plastic from a garbage bag. She knew that Lori sometimes had nightmares, so she dismissed any cause for alarm and went back to sleep.

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The connection was made. In the tent where the victims had slept, investigators found a palm print and a bloody shoeprint. Denise said she enjoyed watching television and playing with her 5-year-old sister, Kathleen. They ed for all the other girls attending camp and herded them into the mess hall for breakfast.

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Their informant learned Hart was staying with an old man in a tar-paper shack in the Cookson Hills between Tahlequah and Sallisaw. Two of the girls had been raped, and one sodomized.

Clues found near the bodies included a large roll of black duct tape and a red-and-white, 9-volt flashlight. Finally, they got a break. Hart could also live off the land, for he was an experienced woodsman. Denise, Lori, and Michelle unpacked their belongings in Tent 8 and prepared for bed, as they got to know each other better.

A fourth girl was to them the next day.

The question now became: could the prosecution prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Gene Leroy Hart was guilty of the slaughter of the innocents? The woods were fragrant and fresh. It was almost anti-climactic, but the agents were elated and could not contain their excitement. The flap closed again, and the unidentified person went away. Lurching and rattling, the caravan moved out and headed for the small farming community of Locust Grove, about 50 miles away in northeastern Oklahoma, where the Girl Scout Council owned a acre tract of land known as Camp Scott.

He escaped from the jail, but was captured a month later. A green directed the drivers down a narrow road called Cookie Trail and onto the Girl Scout property. Within minutes, the first law officers arrived on the scene, cordoned off the murder site, and kept the news media at bay, while evidence was collected. Autopsies would later show that Michelle and Lori had been beaten to death and Denise, though her face was battered, had actually died from strangulation.

He chose, instead, to marry, and soon afterwards, he and his wife became parents. They battled heat, humidity, chiggers and ticks, but it was as if they were chasing a ghost. Hart had processed the film. Pratt, and others of like mind, thought Hart had strong medicine working for him.

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Hart had a conviction for rape and was serving a lengthy sentence for burglary when he escaped in He was still a fugitive at the time of the murders. Lori unpacked a couple of decks of cards and sometime before lights out, she wrote a letter to her family.

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Authorities checked with mental hospitals and prisons in the state for a list of outpatients and parolees with histories of sex offenses. Investigators traced the photographs to Louis Lindsey, who had worked at the prison when Hart was incarcerated there.

Some were on the verge of tears. SinceCamp Scott had provided adventures for young girls in a variety of recreational and educational activities; hiking, swimming, arts and crafts, cookouts and sing-alongs. In Aprilhe was transferred from McAlester to the Mayes County Jail in Pryor, Oklahoma, so he could appear for post-conviction relief in his crime. A thunderstorm hit around 6 p. The little girl was nude from the waist down, and her hands were duct-taped behind her back.

Throughout the summer ofOSBI agents used tracking dogs and aerial heat-seeking equipment to hunt for Hart.

Lori was big sister to four siblings. Inside the cave, investigators found photographs of two women, a roll of masking tape with a piece of plastic garbage bag stuck to it, two pieces of newspaper, and one pair of broken sunglasses in a beige vinyl case. The bad weather moved out overnight, and Monday dawned bright and clear.

About a. They were found yards from their tent, which was at the remote west end of Camp Scott.

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Even before the trial started, a media feeding frenzy prompted the prosecution to seek a change of venue, but the request was denied; the trial got underway in March Special Prosecutor Buddy Fallis, Jr. Garvin Isaacs was hired to defend Hart. After last minute goodbyes to family members, the scouts stepped aboard buses that smelled of oil and leather. The earth smelled clean. Investigators also discovered the assailant had burglarized some tents the night of the murders and taken, among other items, a pair of sunglasses belonging to camp counselor Susan Emery.

On closer inspection, Wilhite was horrified to see, partially covered by the yellow plaid bag, the lifeless body of Denise Milner. Dick Wilkerson, OSBI agent, theorized that Hart kept the photos because one of the women pictured reminded him of his wife. He was sentenced to three year prison terms, but because the sentences ran concurrently, he was paroled after only 28 months.

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Hart had hidden for five years in an area of about 25 square miles. He had relatives living within a half-mile-square area, and they were more than willing to help him. When Wilhite could not find the source of the noise, she decided it was just an animal in the dense woods nearby and nothing to arouse concern, so she returned to her tent and went to sleep.

He remained at large until his arrest in April His supporters thought he was being made a scapegoat by the white establishment, and they sponsored benefits to raise money for his defense.

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It is still one of the most hotly debated topics in the history of Oklahoma jurisprudence. Imaged used with permission from www. Denise Milner was ased to Tent 8, along with 9-year-old Michelle Guse and Lori Lee Farmer, who would celebrate her ninth birthday later in the week. During the winter, investigators spent long nights in the woods in sub-zero weather, as they continued surveillance on places they thought Hart might be hiding. It was the kind of morning when nostrils flare, and every breath taken is a deep, fulfilling sigh.

They whooped and hollered with joy. The rugged hills of northeastern Oklahoma offered bountiful fish and game and plenty of places for a man to hide. The case against Hart was flawed, beginning with the handling of the crime scene and the evidence gathered there. He was a C-average student in school, but excelled in sports and could have gone to college on a football scholarship.

Gene Leroy Hart, a Cherokee Indian from the area, was charged with the crime.

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Investigators, who were ased the task of solving the crime, and reporters, who covered it, referred to the killer as an animal. It was approximately yards from Tent 8. Hart was a Cherokee Indian born Nov. He was raised by his mother and barely knew his father.

It was going to be a beautiful day. The newspaper was the April 17 edition of Tulsa World, and Susan Emery identified the sunglasses as hers. Love, Lori. As the months went by, former high school football star Gene Hart became a living legend.