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A package of reforms was expected by September or the end of the year, he said. Get access to this with a Free Trial. But even as Obama finalizes those plans, there are deep divisions in his administration, with military leaders favoring only a gradual reduction in troops but other advisers advocating a ificant decrease in the coming months.

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In Syria, the warning has a special resonance, given the country's volatile mix of ethnic groups and religious minorities. While much of the atten tion is focused on how many troops will leave Afghanistan next month, the more telling aspects of Obama's decision center on what happens after July, particularly how long the president plans to keep the 30, surge forces he sent in in the country.

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Past due rentals wdl be charged the standard daily rate depicted in the rental agreement Nissan of Visalia reserves the right to request proof of ownership of a currently registered company vehicle as gualrfication of a "potential business and commercial cbent". He clearly intends to try to ride out the wave of protests, showing the steely determination that has kept the Ass in power for 40 years. But the mobilized opposition appeared to be digging in as well, bracing for a showdown in one of the deadliest uprisings of the Arab Spring.

Assad, 45, who inherited power in after the death of his father, President Hafez Assad, ly made a series of overtures to try to ease the growing outrage, lifting the decades-old emergency laws that give the regime a free hand to arrest people without charge, and granting Syrian nationality to thousands of Kurds, a long-ostracized minority. But the concessions did nothing to sap the movement's momentum, being dismissed as either symbolic or coming far too late. Learn how to enable it.

Even though no submarines have been seized in African waters, there is evidence to suggest they are in use there as well, he said. He said the country's economy might collapse unless the unrest ends, calling that "the most dangerous thing we face in the coming period," a message aimed at his supporters in the business community. Exclusive d content from premium publishers like the Visalia Times-Delta Archives through last month Continually updated.

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Ml v. Check out these amazing features: Up to High-roof model only. Get access to Newspapers. But whether those forces should come out over the next eight to 12 months or slowly trickle out over a longer time is hotly debated. This is good for only one hour rental penod only.

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He likened some of the country's troubles to a "germ" that must be fought off. Administration officials say Obama is still working through the details on how many troops will start leaving Afghanistan in July, his self-imposed deadline for beginning the drawdown.

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Availability of specific feature is dependant on your phone's Bluetooth support Bluetooth A fit!. On Thursday, he will visit troops at Fort Drum, the upstate New York military base that is home to the 10th Mountain Division, one of the most frequently deployed divisions to Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Try it free. Cookies required: We're sorry, but Newspapers. There is a growing belief that the president must at least map out the initial withdrawal of the surge troops when he addresses the public. Next. There are also concerns about pulling out a substantial of U. But other advisers are backing a more ificant withdrawal that starts in July and proceeds steadily through the following months.

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Military commanders want to keep as many of those forces in Afghanistan for as long as possible, arguing that too fast a withdrawal could undermine the fragile secu rity gains in the fight against the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, the al-Qaida training ground for the Sept. You will need to enable cookies by changing your browser settings. West Africa became a stopover point for drug cartels after demand began to wane in North America at the same time prices soared in Europe, prompting the traffickers to shift their operation.

But along with his promises came a warning that his downfall could usher in chaos.

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Drug traffickers may be using submarines The Associated Press DAKAR, Senegal Latin American cocaine traffickers may be using submarines to move the Europe-bound drugs across the Atlantic Ocean, an official said Monday during a conference aimed at stemming the flow of the drugs through Africa.

He is considering a range of options presented to him last week by Gen. David Petraeus, the top U. Obama is expected to make Wednesday's announcement in Washington. Other besieged dictators across the Middle East notably Egypt's Hosni Mubarak used the same argument as they sought to cling to power during the Arab Spring, warning of chaos in their wake.

In only his third public appearance since the revolt erupted in March, Bashar Assad returned to a now-familiar refrain: He blamed the unrest on "saboteurs," offered modest potential reforms, but gave no he'd move toward ending the Assad family's political domination. That camp believes the slow, yet steady, security gains in Afghanistan, combined with the death of Osama bin Laden and U.

He acknowledged demands for reform were legitimate, but he rehashed allegations that "saboteurs" were exploiting the movement. The opposition estimates more than 1, Syrians have been killed and 10, detained as Assad unleashed his military and security forces to crush the protest movement that erupted in March, inspired by the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, and that spread to region after region.

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