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First date in a San Francisco time, Date First time boy Francisco bites

San Francisco is nicknamed The Paris of the West for good reason.

First Date In A San Francisco Time

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First dates technically have the potential to change your life - but most of them will probably just teach you how to flirt with a kind stranger you met on an app. This list has 17 of the best first date bars and restaurants in the city.

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This spot is good for an early evening cocktail and a walk along the water towards the bridge. The casual bar in the Mission is dimly lit by candlelight and blue and pink neon, and dresses up their cozy round tables in white linen. The Mexican bar in the Outer Sunset is fun, casual, and more laid-back than a warm, fog-less afternoon at Ocean Beach. All good. This place has been making incredible cocktails sincewhich is only one reason to plan a date here. This place makes great drinks, and serves both snacks and full plates for whenever your hopefully not awkward conversation makes you work up an appetite.

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The Interval is one of the more unique bars in San Francisco, and the fact that you even know it exists will probably impress your date. Updated July 30th, Sorry—looks like you screwed up that address. American in Haight. Bar in Mission. More importantly, they make excellent cocktails that are best enjoyed in the back at one of the small round tables. Balthazar Media.

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Restaurant Finder. So if you and your date feel like meeting up at a vintage place that feels drenched in bourbon and whiskey, head here. Suggested by our writers. The Mission bar is nice without feeling too fancy, and chill without feeling too dingy. Remy Galvan-Hale. To pull that off, it helps to have alcohol. North Beach. Excellent information will arrive in your inbox soon. But if not, Homestead is still an awesome, laid-back bar that serves great cocktails, allows you to bring your dog, and lets you throw your peanut shells on the floor.

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But the magical thing about one of our favorite bars in the Haight is that they consistently make great cocktails and food to go along with them. So try to come during off-hours or post up at the bar, which is also never a bad idea.

Top 59 san francisco date ideas

Definitely get the cheese plate. The Lower Nob Hill bar is packed with cacti and leafy greens, and refreshing cocktails that riff on the plant theme, like the Thriller Spiller And Filler.

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We still like you. Smart move. Bar in Hayes Valley. Anina is a large beer garden slash tropical bar that works well for an energetic, vibrant first date. Add a short message. The NoPa cocktail bar should be high on your list of top first date spots, mainly because there really is no downside to coming here. Well done. This Russian Hill bar was open for three months before the pandemic hit, so you may not have had enough time to plan a first date here. We use cookies to personalize content and advertisements, provide social media features, and analyze traffic to our site and apps.

But now you can and should. Friendly bartenders, and cozy seating options that range from a brown leather couch to two lounge chairs by the window, make Propagation a reliable first date spot. They have cool art on the walls, friendly bartenders, and new parklet seating.

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Written by Lani Conway. Download The Infatuation app. There are also solid cocktails and really great snack and small plate options, from fried cauliflower to tater tots to burgers with spicy chips. Get here early to secure a spot on their sun-drenched patio or at the long bar under the lanterns and string lights before they start to get busy.

Bar Food in Russian Hill. They have plenty of outdoor picnic tables, a steady, buzzy atmosphere, and fruity punch bowls and spritzes your date will hopefully appreciate.

The best date ideas in san francisco

But we have lots of ideas. Bar FoodBar in Mission. But even then, Lone Palm is still as chill as they come. For something more intimate and romantic but not too romanticdo a first date at Lone Palm.

22 best first date ideas in san francisco

Read our Privacy Policy for more information. SF Guide. This cocktail bar in the Mission also doubles as a restaurant with great shareable plates, burgers, and fish and chips. Krescent Carasso. Mexican in Sunset. This saloon in the Mission is historic, cozy, and decorated like an old Victorian bedroom. Krescent Cassaro.

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Travel Guides Plan your trip and eat like locals. Send Us Feedback. ABV has a lot going for it that we love. It also happens to be right up the street from the sandy hangout spot and is one of our favorite places to drink, thanks to excellent tequila and mezcal cocktails, solid tacos, a cute patio, and plenty of spread out indoor space.

They also have parklet seating and a lot of great food options, like a Maine-style lobster roll and fantastic deviled eggs, that you and your date definitely need to get into. Home Cities Pick the perfect spot for every situation.

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Do you have friends and family who also eat food? And since Horsefeather is open by 2pm most days and has a big skylight that floods their semi-outdoor atrium with a ton of natural light, this spot is an excellent call for a day drinking or late afternoon date.