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The City of Moreno Valley, in partnership with Riverside County, operates a one-stop resource center for small business owners and job seekers that includes:. Did you know you can receive exclusive access to learn skills like building an app, deing a website, using Excel or Photoshop, or marketing a product?

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Your answers to these questions and more will help you create a focused, well-researched business plan that should detail how the business will be operated, managed and capitalized. Will you be operating your business from home? Then, query the online property database for available sites. Are you ready for a commercial location? Workshops, Webinars and Events will be listed chronologically. Do you need to be visible from the street, does your business rely on walk up traffic?

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of business structure, depending on your situation. The possibilities are endless and we can help. KIVA is an alternative lending platform which allows small business owners and start-ups to create their own crowdfunding. Consider factors like demographics, lease terms, zoning and building regulations. It is also highly recommended that you consider consulting an attorney for legal and tax advice. Investors might be people you know such as friends, relatives or colleagues or it could take the form of venture capital which comes in the form of individuals or venture capital firms.

Let us help you navigate the process. Need Help? There are important questions you need to ask yourself before starting your business plan.

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Many of these lenders have set goals to help the community and support low-income communities and therefore sometimes have fewer restrictions than traditional banks when making lending decisions. Operating a business in a commercial location will require a Certificate of Occupancy. If your business is clearly understood with your purpose and legal name, you may not need to register.

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The popular Spotlight slots are limited and are chosen by Council District. Visit the events to register for upcoming workshops. us for Small Business Wednesdays!

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Entrepreneurs love the KIVA lending platform because it offers:. The US Small Business Administration can show you a comparison of the different types of business structures as well as detailed information on each. Let us come to you with the Small Business Visit program. Whether you are a new business owner, thinking of starting a business, or have been in business for years, these workshops provide valuable information for entrepreneurs at every stage.

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The Spotlight is a second professionally produced video created by the award-winning City of Moreno Valley media team to promote your business. This is usually the last step of the licensing and permit process. All businesses within City limits will need to obtain a business. The Small Business Resources section features information on organizations, workshops, contacts and other tools to help you start, relocate or grow in Moreno Valley.

NMTC program attracts private capital into low-income communities by permitting individual and corporate investors to receive a credit against their federal income tax in exchange for making equity investments in specialized financial intermediaries.

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All businesses and nonprofit organizations with a valid City of Moreno Valley business that occupy a commercial business location or utilize a permitted vehicle for mobile businesses are eligible to apply. The California Competes Tax Credit is an income tax credit available to businesses that want to come to California or stay and grow in California.

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From workforce recruitment assistance, site selection assistance or entitlement and permitting help, the City of Moreno Valley is committed to providing the information you need to Grow MoVal. Topics include:.

Been turned down by the banks? Businesses receive a copy of the video on a DVD. Businesses selected for the program are highlighted during a scheduled special presentations segment of City Council meetings. We can help, just say Hire MoVal. by phone at Bank loans are the traditional way to finance a business, but getting approved for that first loan can be difficult due to stricter requirements, needing alternate sources of income, credit, bankruptcies and lack of collateral.

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Manufacturers and certain research and developers may qualify for a partial exemption of sales and use tax on certain manufacturing and research and development equipment purchases and leases. The Cal Gold website can help you find the appropriate permit information for your business. The City of Moreno Valley is committed to providing you with the tools, resources and information you need to help you succeed.

Start-Up MoVal provides the tools, resources and information necessary to help you make informed decisions when starting a business in Moreno Valley. At that meeting, the video will be played and your City Council Member will present a certificate of recognition to the business. Need cash fast? We serve as your project partner at City Hall during all phases of the site selection, due diligence, entitlement, permitting and construction processes. Have you seen or read any about getting big cash for your small business by tomorrow? Small business lending is not covered by the same consumer protection laws as personal banking.

Your location and business structure will determine how to register your business and with which agencies. A business plan will help you access outside capital, serve as an assessment tool and help you identify strategies which are effective or ineffective for your business. Start by working with a non-profit counselor to learn how to put your best foot forward before applying for loans and to learn about SBA loans. As always, we stand ready to help — Call us at Take advantage of our concierge service to businesses and developers.

Check out the full line-up of workshops scheduled for this year. For most small businesses, registering your business can be as simple as registering your business name with state and local governments.

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Please visit the Cal Gold online portal for resources. Though every business plan is different, it is still a formal document that should follow an organized and standard format. It is important to do your research when deciding the best location for your business.

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Business is booming and it is time to expand: add a new location, relocate to a bigger space. We know business owners are busy.

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Call Required for all businesses. Existing Businesses Start Here Small Biz Resources From networking, financing options and workshops there are many business resources to help start and grow your business. The Business Team wants to help you get your business started in the easiest and quickest manner. These workshops are FREE or low-cost to attend. Discover the information, resources and incentives you need to grow or expand your business in Moreno Valley. The Employment Training Panel ETP is a business and labor-supported state program that assists employers in strengthening their competitive edge by providing funds to off-set the costs of job skills training.

Have you been in business for years and need some help navigating the next steps? Being a business owner can sometimes feel like it is you against the world. Do you already have an amazing idea but are not sure where to start? Administered by the County, OJT allows an individual to learn the basic skills of the job while performing the job. Angel investors will often provide capital and mentoring in exchange for equity in the business and may require conditions. Or are you ready to choose the perfect location to open your business?

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Let us track down solutions. Host your next job recruitment or reach over 20, local job seekers with our outreach list.

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Non-profit lenders are an option for obtaining loans. Ensure to read through documents carefully and consult with your lawyer, ant or a small business counselor before entering into any agreement. But in Moreno Valley there is a whole small business ecosystem that is ready and willing to help.

Small business owners need to beware of the extremely high interest rates and fast payback terms of predatory lenders. Having a great business plan to support your case and being persistent may help, but remember to shop around for the lowest interest rate and keep in mind that not all lenders are reputable.

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If you have general questions about the process, please contact a member of the Business team at You will be asked several questions about the type of business you plan to conduct from your home to ensure that the business meets certain criteria and guidelines per the Moreno Valley Municipal Code.

A sampling of topics includes starting a new business, learning financial tools, marketing and social media. If the money is a gift and not a loan, keep in mind that you may need to report and pay a gift tax to the IRS. Crowdfunding is a way for businesses to raise money not only from friends and family, but also from the community and general public. Ideally situated at the epicenter of Southern California, Moreno Valley is the best opportunity to start or expand your small business.

You may need a building permit if constructing a new facility or making changes to an existing structure.

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Let the Economic Development Department help you through the process of opening your business in Moreno Valley. If operating in a commercial location, You will need a Certificate of Occupancy before you open. By addressing the universal questions all new businesses face, you will develop strategies to guide your success.