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What are the federal laws prohibiting job discrimination?

Dating Mississippi Worker

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We want to hear from you! The possibility of something breaking on her red Chevy Cobalt, which she bought from her sister recently and is her only means of transportation in a city without reliable public transportation, is a source of constant stress. Martin still has the paperwork ruling his death accidental.

You're on the list. Republish This Story. Now, Martin, 62, cares for her year-old grandson, Brionne, while his mom Tonisha bounces to and from her correctional officer job at Louisiana State Penitentiary. That lasted for a while until the short-staffed welfare office hired Martin full time to answer phones and help clients with food stamps applications.

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We do not sell or share your information with anyone. When ing for inflationMartin earns 40 percent more today than she did in Martin gets paid twice a month, which she stretches to provide for her family. Martin began working three days a week as a clerk at both the local waterworks office and the same Adams County human-services department office where she received food stamps.

In the past, Martin had used payday loans, which allow people with low incomes and those with poor or no credit to pay a fee for upfront cash, to survive between paychecks each month.

If Martin were to receive a pay raise, the first thing she would do is hire a plumber to fix the hot water pressure in her kitchen. Anna Wolfe, a native of Tacoma, Wa. Free to read, not free to produce. Martin had attended Jackson State University and Copiah-Lincoln Community College for a total of two years, but she never finished a degree. After matches, the teams often stopped at McDonalds and Martin remembers not having money so her kids could eat with their friends. InMartin gave birth to her second and last child, her son Tylon.

The state would not charge interest on the loan, but would require a one-time 5 percent processing fee to pay for program administration. At the time, President Ronald Reagan had popularized the welfare-queen trope, a now-debunked myth with racist connotations that suggested poor women on government assistance lived lavish lifestyles. Brenda Scott, president of the Mississippi Alliance of State Employees, which represents state workers, said she is skeptical that the current Legislature has an appetite for such a measure.

Meanwhile, she went to work dutifully to assist others with financial uncertainty.

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We think critically about how we can foster healthy dialogue between people who think differently about government and politics. Donate today. Please reload the and try again. While other states are limiting the practice, payday lenders in Mississippi may charge percent annual interest rates on these short term loans, which are supposed to be paid back after 30 days. There was an error and we couldn't process your subscription.

‘promises after promises’: state workers, stuck under stagnant wages, have no guarantee of life without poverty

Anna Wolfe awolfe mississippitoday. Her second check goes toward utilities — electric, gas, water, cell phone — and other bills or necessities. The father of her children was not involved with the family and although she went after him for child support, her family never received any money because for decades, the father worked cash jobs, wages the state could not dating. Our nonprofit news is available to all thanks to the financial support of loyal readers like you.

Mississippi our articles for free, online or in print, under a Creative Commons. Clarise Martin talks to her grandson, Brionne, about their weekend plans while at her home in Natchez Friday, January 11, Clarise Martin, a year-old state employee, stands on the steps of her Natchez home Jan.

If she were to worker a pay raise, she said repainting the exterior of her house would be a top priority.

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She bought the home in through a home-finance program that also allowed Martin to take financial courses, which helped her restore her credit. Martin has kept a file of her tax returns dating back beforewhen she got her first job at the Mississippi Department of Human Services, where she still works today.

During the meeting, an employee of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, which supervises state welfare programs, told Martin that she needed to work more in order to maintain her benefits. We believe that conversation — raw, earnest talking and listening to better understand each other — is vital to the future of Mississippi.

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For this reason, Rep. Jarvis Dortch, D-Raymond, will introduce legislation aimed at helping state workers like Martin. Central to our mission at Mississippi Today is inspiring civic engagement.

Case files on civil rights worker killings made public

Reeves: Teacher pay raise, pension funding among priorities. Martin took in the infants, Tonisha and Brittany, and raised them until they were adults. Keep our site paywall-free.

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She had difficulty attending away games, because she rarely had enough money for gasoline. Credit: Eric J. The financial hardship persisted.

Martin said he recently started receiving social security, which the state has garnished. The assistance ensured that Martin, a substitute teacher and Family Dollar cashier, and her year-old daughter, Tangelia, could afford food everyday.

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She jumped at a chance to work a regular 9-to-5 job that would provide work over the summer, unlike the Natchez school bus driving gig she had just taken on. But often, consumers get stuck in a cycle of loans that can take years to reverse.

Employment discrimmination

With his rhetoric, Reagan, a Republican, primed the nation for a major shift on public benefits, which Democratic President Bill Clinton eventually implemented in The Clinton-era reforms gave more power to states and attached greater work requirements to assistance under the belief that employment reduces government dependency and erases poverty. We encourage you to engage with us and each other on our social media s, our reporters directly or leave a comment for our editor by clicking the button below.

Martin lives in a house with orange brick and peeling teal paint near downtown Natchez.

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Martin maintained her food stamps for just two months after starting at the human services office full time. Tate Reeves have said they were open to pay raises for state workers.

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