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Date spots in Milwaukee, Spots baby hunting for men Milwaukee for date

Pretty much every weeknight this summer features a free outdoor concert, whether it be in a park or on a hill.

Date Spots In Milwaukee

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Whether you are an amateur chef or only know how to cook microwavable soup, classes are offered to suit all levels of cooking experience. In addition to everything the museum has to offer inside, the parking lot is transformed into a vintage car show each week. Also, be prepared to clean your palette with only water. Hidden in a secret passageway in the heart of the city, the SafeHouse is truly a one of a kind destination that will probably have you remembered as the coolest date ever even if your chemistry is lacking. When you visit Italy, you eat pasta.

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Link Text. You can feed your bellies, your brains, and your hearts by learning to cook a fabulous meal together. If you really want to impress someone, find out where their ancestors came from and spend a day exploring one of the many ethnic festivals that Milwaukee offers literally every weekend of the summer. After class you can head downstairs to peruse the dozens of local vendors, selling goodies like homemade fudge to hand-packaged spices, or even participate in a wine tasting. A distillery tour, like the one you can get at Great Lakes Distillery, takes a unique spin on your typical daytime boozing.

While I am in full support of solo travel, of being independent, and seeing the world for yourself, I found that nearly every establishment I hit while in Milwaukee could make for a really interesting and fun romantic date spot.

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But whatever you decide to call Discovery World, this fascinating establishment is a great place to learn more about what your date finds interesting. Milwaukee residents gather there starting at 5 p.

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All open road le to Milwaukeethe birthplace of the Harley Davidson Motor Company, which dates all the way back to In order to preserve the historical niche of its classic motorcycles, the Harley Davidson Museum was established fairly recently, inbut already attracts an annualvisitors from all over the world. Most take place on the picturesque lawn of the Henry W.

Maier Park, located right on the shore of Lake Michigan, providing patrons with a constant breeze and an always scenic backdrop. These acoustic bands range in genre from Bluegrass to Salsa and perform every Wednesday from July through September. The small and intimate distillery is a one-room building that produces the liquor, bottles it, labels it, and then sells it to you via cocktail right there at their bar.

The best day to check out the Harley Davidson Museum is Friday. Combining two key features of the city, beer and waterfront activities, brewery tours by boat are available.

While the sun sets over Lake Michigan, snuggle up on a blanket on the Discovery World lawn to listen to a free ethnic music concert. Before you go: know in advance that the liquor is meant to be sampled at room temperature for maximum flavor and taste. No search term specified. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item.

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Eg, 3 cans of food for a free passallowing you to see as many concerts as you can handle, from big pop acts to jazz bands of the sixties. The Public Market website also has a listing of events that you could try to coordinate into your date, such as a Food Network cooking show, a movie or a live speaker. Not brave enough to take a mouthful of luke-warm grappa down?

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Milwaukee is home to three big-time breweries; including MillerCoors, Lakefront, and Sprecher breweries. Showing recent items. There are two sides to the building, one focusing on nature and the other focusing on all things man-made.

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A dinner is always a good option for a date, but the same old types of restaurants can become redundant. All down Wisconsin St and Michigan St. While Milwaukee does offer a wide selection of ethnic cuisines that come standard in almost any city e.

For a casual way to indulge in your senses, the Wisconsin Cheese Mart will provide you with strong, appealing aromas and tastes, accompanied by the sounds of clinking glasses and a mature crowd looking for a night filled with conversation and relaxation around the cheese bar. Cheese production and consumption has since become a quintessence of Wisconsin culture. Milwaukeeans have recognized the Great Lakes Distillery as a fun place to go on Friday evenings for a free tour and a liquor tasting.

The Lake Front Brewery does it and offers you a cold, locally-produced brew with a hot beer-battered fish and all the trimmings.

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Open link in a new tab. Italian, Japanese, Mexican, etc. While passing through you can learn first hand how electric guitars work and how they evolved. Dating tip: people like it when others take an interest in their personal background. This was a time when the local dairy industry was at its height and cheese-producers from all over western Europe were immigrating to Milwaukee for the abundant supply of milk for their trade. It is at the old and famous Wisconsin Cheese Mart that you will find the best collection of the finest cheeses in the state.

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If you cant decide which brewery you want to visit or if you just want to hold your date hostage on a boat for as long as possibleThe Brew City Queen II and the Milwaukee Maiden offer a river cruise that stops at three different microbreweries every Saturday and Sunday afternoon of the summer. If you like the articles we publish, maybe you can be one of our writers too! Make travel plans, then write a story for us! When you visit Mexico, you order a burrito. You get to learn together about how your favorite drinks are made while, more importantly, working on a buzz that makes everything just a bit more fun.

Keep in mind that it is literally a mission-impossible to get a Milwaukee local to reveal what the secret entrance password is. On a hot summer day, nothing is better than floating to and from brewery tours with a chilled beer in your hand and the spray of mist from the lake.

On the man-made side, there is a fascinating section on music legend, Les Paulwhich includes the first-ever electric guitar. And when you visit Wisconsin, you try the cheese. The following is a top-ten list of date ideas, catering to the city of Milwaukee, that could literally suit any sort of couple, be they music or food enthusiasts, motorcycle lovers, or even science nerds. Milwaukee is a perfectly romantic cityscape, famous for its festivals, its nightlife, and for its vintage Americana — small-town charm in a large city.

It seems that in Milwaukee, the world comes to you.