Slogan SAGRE

SAGRES will support the pre-operational test and deployment of the high-time critical CONOPS components via the EUROSUR network. CONOPS refers to a document conceived by FRONTEX, EMSA, EUSC, JRC, ESA and EC that summarizes the set of services foreseen by the user community to cover a set of operational needs in the field of border surveillance. The reference scenarios are:

  • Tracking vessels at high seas (SAGRES)
  • Punctual monitoring of 3rd country port / coasts

The services will be mainly generated by processing Earth Observation imagery and collaborative data streams (AIS…). The technological means will overlap the systems and resources currently available at EMSA, EUSC and FRONTEX and the delivery would be either directly to FRONTEX or via EUSC and EMSA. SAGRES is not a tunnel vision oriented short term commercial service, but adopts the principle of “use, comment, upgrade” that leads to a cyclic development of five service versions.

The main expected IMPACT is to show to the border surveillance community a new dimension of EO exploitation by merging multi-source data streams.


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